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WeAre Summit

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Here you will find the first regular events in the WeAre world since August. 

Networking, workshops and lectures. Everything in one place. No borders and travel costs.

Do you want your own room?

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WeAre Summit 2020 is behind us!

Thank You for sharing our enthusiasm and for helping us make this happen.

400+ active attendees, 20 countries represented, 9+ hours of networking, 16 world-class speakers.

"If there is one thing I learned with technology, you've gotta roll with punches..."

Guy Kawasaki

Chief evangelist of Canva and the creator of Guy Kawasaki’s Remarkable People podcast

"What we have seen is a rise of misinformation across the internet."

Katherine Maher

CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation

"In the crisis, it's very good to have always a back-up plan."

Frank M. Salzgeber

Head of Innovation and Ventures Office, European Space Agency

WeAre Summit was just the beginning.

The entire WeAre world is open all year round, and everyone on board have access to every event or feature we’ll add over time.

Be part of something new and fresh.

All-year access

The entire WeAre world remains open all year, and everyone on board has access to every event or feature we’ll add over time.


Social distancing? We prefer distant socializing. Stay home and meet others in the WeAre world.


Together, we save tons of CO2 simply by attending events from wherever WeAre at the moment.


Instead of traveling back and forth, you can squeeze a keynote speech in between two conference calls.


A VR-only event costs a fraction of an offline event. This allows us to keep the ticket price of big events down for you, too.


Livestreamed gatherings are on the rise. VR events? Not so much. In fact, WeAre Summit was the world's first virtual startup summit ever.

This is a peek into the future. We brought the first startup event in the world and we will continue with other events where keynote speakers reach you wherever you are, 1-on-1 networking is hosted by your laptop, and you can move around freely in a virtual 3D world.

Are you with us?

How to join the WeAre community

Four steps, and you’re in!

1. Try it out

Peek into the world where WeAre events take place. Play around and see what WeAre building and how.

2. Subscribe to the newsletter or join our social networks.

3. Get invitations

We will invite you to other events that will be in the WeAre world.

4. Enjoy!

All you need to attend is a laptop and an internet connection.

Here with us. Wherever you are!

WeAre attempting to bring the perks of a real-life startup community into a virtual reality.