You are what makes WeAre

Why do we do this?

Because when the world is spinning around the topic of COVID-19, it feels good to push something forward. Experiment a bit. Take the ordinary and try to turn it into a whole new experience.

Hence our attempt to organize the world’s first startup event in 3D virtual reality.

Are you with us?

Who WeAre

Jan Kříž

In my other projects, I’m a CMO, CSO, CEO, and COO. But here? Just call me Johnny. I co-founded WeAre Summit because in 2020 offline international conferences just don’t make sense.

Tomas Cironis

You might know me from SWCSummit, AirVentures, Innovation Week, or LORM. Why WeAre? Because the best deals are always made during networking sessions, and we bring just that to virtual reality.

Software engineer and IT explorer. Former Head of IT at ESN VSE PRAGUE and President of Business IT Club, now doing awesome stuff at the National Museum and at WeAre.

Founder of nada. Copywriter at Let’s see how real words work in a world we made from scratch.

Jan Valuch

Digital marketer exploring new ways brands can reach their goals. Currently keeping an eye on the voice of WeAre.

Martin Kahan

Communication Designer and owner of small independent studio with focus on creating brands and digital projects.

Partnership is my credo. WeAre not only about us - it’s mainly about you. Let's move the VR partnership to the next level.

Patrik Juránek
business development

Founder & CEO at Startup Disrupt. Striving to inspire, educate, and connect. I aim to disrupt the status quo, which is why I joined WeAre Summit!

Ex-linux admin and data engineer at MALL.CZ and Applifting. Sports enthusiast by day, IT, devops and programming by night.

Student and SWCSummit Project Coordinator. Excited to see how new ideas, knowledge and connections can get to anyone, anywhere through the world’s first VR event.

Hugo Mrázek

SoftwareEngineer@FairTom Systems. I have no idea what "cannot be done" means. Just give me a beer and few hours.

Domi Prekopová
Head of Startup Network

Startups, communities, new ideas, unordinary thinking along with interesting people striving for change either in personal life or in business! This is what love, this is why I joined WeAre Summit!

Jump aboard


Show your product

Have your own brand presentation in a networking room. Become a room admin, get special tools, decorate your room and be a network king!

Brave partners

This is the first time for us too

Let’s bring back the feeling of doing something exciting in your marketing department.


Be part of our team

Help organize the world's first VR event and make new connections while you're at it.

Keynote speakers

You’ve never looked so 3D

Share your message with the world’s earliest adopters. The stage is yours. Go!

Here with us. Wherever you are!

WeAre attempting to bring the perks of a real-life startup event into a pandemic-free reality.