Michal Toporcer

Michal Toporcer

WeAre Summit panelist

I am currently focusing on helping companies to adapt to post-Corona world using digital technology.


We are improving some old tools and developing new ones to streamline business communication in more and more "virtual" world.


This transition is starting with virtual events. But it continues with virtual environments like offices and meeting rooms and ends with virtual humans. We deploy the emerging technology needed for this transition.







I build cutting-edge experiences for the world’s most innovative companies and integrate technology with creative content.


Using immersive audio-visual technologies to show new connections and insights about our world.

Coming from a background of film and visual effects, I always try to draw inspiration from centuries of storytelling and visual communication and bring it to the age of holograms, extended reality, and immersive experiences.


I directed and managed high-stakes projects, from national celebrations, projection mappings for thousands of people to global product launches, showrooms, and experience center.


I use emerging technology to draw the audience into the story and get the message across. 

Michal Toporcer